Leverage: The Miracle Job

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Tonight, TNT airs the Leverage episode “The Miracle Job” at 10 PM Eastern. It’s not a Christmas episode as such — too early in the show’s run for that, although I’d love to see one — but it does deal with a case involving a church, St. Nicholas, and redemption.

Leverage - The Miracle Job

D.B. Sweeney plays a priest, an old friend of Nate’s (Timothy Hutton) whose sanctuary is about to be demolished by a developer building a mall. The team decides to try and find a miracle … or fake one if necessary … to save the church.

The capers aren’t quite as prominent — the scams they pull are penny-ante stuff; the complication comes when their first instinct gets everyone in worse trouble and they have to figure out a way to undo it — but it’s a nice episode for seeing more character interaction as the group reacts to another of Sophie’s (Gina Bellman) plays and what they find out about Nate’s background. I liked seeing the two rugged guys acting together (although I did find myself wondering when we’re going to reach a point where women of that age with that much character on their faces will feature on TV).

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