Watchmen Motion Comic DVD Announced

Watchmen Motion Comic

On March 3, the Watchmen motion comic DVD is released. It’s 12 episodes, and it comes with a sneak peek of the Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD animated movie (released the same day) and $7.50 movie cash to see the Watchmen movie, which opens three days later on March 6. The DVD lists at $30, with the Blu-ray edition at $35. The Blu-ray also includes the film’s “Prison Break” scene.

Watchmen Motion Comic

$30 for zooming in and out of the comic and a couple of ads? That’s impressive marketing, to get that kind of return on promotional material.


  • Andrew

    I saw the first episode of this. I liked how it was done, but the voice acting was awful.

  • James Schee

    As with Andrew I thought the animation was interesting. At first i was wondering if it would be like the first old Marvel cartoons, that just had comic panels with no movement.

    Why they decided to have one reader, read all the parts (even the females, which is strange) like it was an audio book is beyond me though.

  • “Now, for those of you too lazy to read a comic book- here’s a crappy reading of the book!”

    I can’t figure out the demand for this. I understand an audio book- it’s for people who spend a lot of time in the car. But this product makes no sense.

    Wonder if Alan Moore gets a piece of this?

  • Alan would reject the check on principal.

    But yeah…this seems like a clever idea that never got off the ground when put into action. Can’t fathom plunking down money for this.

  • Arianne

    I agree the acting is subpar, but I initially read the graphic novel, then saw the movie, and then watched this. I thought it was interesting and a good way to get people who don’t read comics interested.
    The layouts and frames of graphic novels often confuse new readers, this is a helpful (albeit lazy) option.

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