Two More Comic Magazines Die

Anime Insider

Comics Now!, which launched early 2008, has been confirmed as ending (link no longer available). #3, the last issue, came out on September 10, 2008.

Anime Insider

Wizard’s Anime Insider is also reported to have been shut down. This year hasn’t been good for Wizard properties, since this news comes after word that their convention schedule was sliced in half, ending Wizard World Texas and “postponing” WW LA.

These two publications join Comic Foundry (closed by choice after issue #5) and Write Now! (shuttered after #20), both of which ended last month.


  • Firefly

    RIP Write Now….

    Please, oh, please, TwoMorrows, do not cancel any more of your terrific mags!!!!! I can’t live without my regular fix of Back Issue and Kirby Collector!

  • Ed Sizemore

    I just got Anime Insider 67 this week and that appears to be the last issue. So what happens to the six months I still have left on my subscription? Wizard is not an acceptable substitute by any means/standard.

  • I’d call them and say you want to cancel and get a refund for the unused part of your subscription.

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