Disney Continues Desperately Pushing Blu-Ray

First, Disney decided that they would only provide Blu-ray copies to reviewers, because that’s all they wanted talked about.

Then, they released the Blu-ray version of Bolt two days early, to goose sales figures.

I guess two days wasn’t enough to stack the deck, though, because Disney has just announced that Snow White will be available on Blu-ray almost two months before the standard DVD two-disc edition. That’s right, you can buy Blu-ray October 6 (at a list price of $39.99), while us peons who don’t want to go along with their upgrade plan have to wait until November 24 to pay $29.99. That’s seven weeks later.

I don’t think a two-month delay will be enough to convince people to shell out a few hundred dollars for a Blu-ray player in this economy, but it’s weird to see companies pushing towards a hardcover/paperback metaphor. I also can’t help thinking that if the format was more successful, they wouldn’t feel the need to play these kinds of games with customers.

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