Archie Gets Married!

Archie #600

This summer, Archie #600 features Archie marrying Veronica in a storyline that looks at the gang after they graduate college. It’s written by Michael Uslan (producer of many superhero movies) and drawn by Stan Goldberg, who’s been drawing Archie for almost 40 years.

Archie #600

Reportedly, this is only part 1 of a six-part storyline that will also show, in future issues, what would happen if Archie married Betty. Archie #600 is due out August 19.

This sounds like an imaginary, “what if”, possible future story, not any kind of new direction, although I’m not sure that’s been clear in the promotion. It may be to the publisher’s advantage that it isn’t, since the idea of Archie finally making a choice is getting the comic plenty of media attention. Plus, there’s good room for argument among those who disagree with his choice of Veronica and would prefer Betty.


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