Green Lantern DVD Shifts Ship Dates Again

Green Lantern First Flight

In February, Warner Bros. Animation announced that Green Lantern: First Flight would be the next direct-to-DVD DC animated film, out July 28.

In April, they moved it up a week to July 21 and released a trailer.

Green Lantern First Flight

Now comes word that the date is back to July 28, but the suggested retail prices have decreased. The two-disc DVD special edition (cover shown here) will be $24.98 with Blu-ray available at $29.99. The single-disc DVD stays at $19.98.

Over 3 hours of bonus features are promised, including a trailer for the next project, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, an interview with Geoff Johns about the character of Green Lantern, and the Duck Dodgers episode “The Green Loontern” (wouldn’t “Lantoon” have been better?).

Also of note: WB says that “over 2 million DC Universe DVDs [have been] sold”. They go on to break down ship quantities:

  • Superman: Doomsday – over 850,000 units shipped
  • Justice League: The New Frontier – over 740,000 units shipped
  • Batman: Gotham Knight – over 1 million units shipped
  • Wonder Woman – over 400,000 units shipped

As usual, the girl is last — but it’s also the newest title, so it’s had the least time on the shelves, and it’s received mixed reviews. It shouldn’t be surprising that Batman, with his superior media penetration, has done the best.


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