Maddow Gets More Mileage From Archie Marriage

After last week’s clip about Archie and Veronica getting married, the Rachel Maddow Show had a followup on Thursday:

Fun things in this one:

  • Comments from other comic characters, including Reggie, Richie Rich, Daffy Duck, and the Incredible Hulk. (?!? Does this count as fanfic from the show writers?)
  • They use both classic and “new look/realistic”-style art interchangeably.
  • Betty’s blog is discussed. (“Betty really has a blog?” asks Rachel Maddow.)

I’m beginning to think that “fixing his car” — the repeated good quality attributed to Betty — is being used as code for something else. Her willingness to get dirty, perhaps? Keep Archie’s motor running?

Update: My last comment led to the following conversation:

KC: Are you saying Betty’s easy?
JDC: No, just that she may care so much for Archie that she may go further.
KC: I miss the idea of winding up with the girl next door.
JDC: Well, it was really sending the message to resist the lure of the big bad city, that true happiness was really in your home town. That changed when more Americans began living in urban settings than rural.
KC: And Riverdale changed when the outside world invaded, as symbolized by the rich Lodges coming to town.

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