No More Magic Trixie

Magic Trixie

While reading this lengthy interview with Jill Thompson (link no longer available), done to promote her new miniseries with Evan Dorkin, Beasts of Burden, I was very sad to see her say this:

I’ve done all the Magic Trixie books that Harper Collins is interested in, so I’ve got a trilogy, and that’s cool. I’d like to do more stories eventually, but right now I’m focusing on Beasts of Burden and looking forward to get Scary Godmother started back up.

While I’m glad to hear that there will be more Scary Godmother coming, I’m disappointed that the three Magic Trixie books are all we’re going to get. It was one of my top ten graphic novels of 2008, because it’s a gorgeous, funny all ages work.

Regardless, you should check out the interview for much much more about Thompson’s projects and working process.

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