High School Debut Volume 11

High School Debut volume 11

The Creepy Girl from the previous volume is playing on Yoh’s kindness in an attempt to wedge herself between him and Haruna in volume 11. I was a bit surprised to see her portrayed by Kazune Kawahara as so manipulative and mean, but when I checked back in the previous chapters, I realized she’d been that way all along. I’d just been seeing her through Yoh’s eyes and assuming no one could be that nasty on purpose.

It doesn’t help that Haruna isn’t comfortable with her emotions. When she feels uncertain or jealous, she doesn’t know how to process that, so someone else telling her she’s horrible for feeling that way has undue sway over her. That causes a descending spiral of interactions, where her self-dislike causes more misunderstandings.

High School Debut volume 11

Although that story takes most of the book to finish, the last chapter brings back the clueless Haruna I know and love. It’s Yoh’s birthday, and she proposes an overnight trip for them. Everyone but her knows what staying overnight means for a couple, but she’s unaware that her talking about it so openly suggests that she’s saying she wants to have sex with him. When she does figure it out, her reactions are hilarious! The next book will show the actual trip, which I’m looking forward to.

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