Why Moyasimon Was Delayed: A Possible Explanation

Moyasimon September version

Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture was originally scheduled for release on September 29. Some bookstores got it then and sold it with no problem, but the official release date was moved to today. There has been various speculation about the reason for the delay being an “art issue” or “legal reasons“, but I think the first is more accurate.

I have a release copy, and I also have access to a pre-release galley sent out for early reviews when the planned date was still September. Comparing the two, I found the main difference was the use of Japanese text as part of the art. For instance, here are two title pages. The first is from the September version.

Moyasimon September version

This one is the published November version.

Moyasimon November version

Here’s page 1. (Click for larger versions.) Note that the “Moyasi” label in the first panel is missing in the print edition; instead, the Japanese text is translated in the gutter under the panel. The same goes for the character’s lapels in the second tier.

Moyasimon September page 1Moyasimon November version page 1

It’s even more obvious on page 2.

Moyasimon September version page 2Moyasimon November version page 2

I don’t believe Del Rey has commented officially on reasons for the delay, but this comparison satisfied my curiosity. I think more Anglicizing was originally planned, but someone changed their mind later.

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