Archie on the Cover of Rolling Stone

Archie #608

To promote Archie #608, out April 21, Archie Comics has released this Rolling Stone magazine cover mockup hinting at the romance story between Archie and Valerie.

Archie #608

These kinds of mashups make me giggle. And you know, there is so much more Archie could be doing with the Pussycats characters, in a world of Pussycat Dolls. I like that the company describes Valerie as the “beautiful songwriter/bassist” of the band, emphasizing her creative abilities. In this story, the Archies band and the Pussycats tour together, leading to romance and a tale that continues into issue #609, out May 26. (But don’t the guitars get in the way?)

I’m kind of surprised that Rolling Stone gave permission to use their logo, given that they had legal trouble (link no longer available) over cover reproductions late last year.

Update: (4/9/10) Archie has posted additional fake covers (link no longer available), including Billboard, Ebony, and the New York Post. Too bad they couldn’t come up with any different art!

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