The Guild #2

The Guild #2 cover by Kristian Donaldson

The Guild #2 continues showing us how Cyd (Felicia Day’s character) came to be part of the online role-playing game that means so much to her. It does this by emphasizing what a jerk her boyfriend is, in a structure that’s a classic example of the unreliable narrator.

Cyd thinks she’s happy because she thinks she’s helping her boyfriend and his band. We, in contrast, easily see that she’s coming up with all the ideas while he’s doing nothing but taking credit. She think she feels weird because she’s unused to being happy, but what she’s feeling is legitimate concern. I’m rooting for her to realize this, and even her small steps forward this issue are a pleasure to see.

This issue we also see a lot more of the in-game world and the other guild members she comes to know. Jim Rugg’s art is so soft and classically lovely in those sections that it makes the world even more desirable, even when the leveling-up work is mundane or fights happen. It’s the dialogue that pulls everything together, with realistic conversation both in the real world and online. There isn’t quite as much humor here as in the web series, but I like seeing more depth to the characters.

The Guild #2 cover by Matthew Stawicki

Cover by Matthew Stawicki

The Guild #2 cover by Kristian Donaldson

Cover by Kristian Donaldson

I previously reviewed issue #1. (The publisher provided an online preview copy, but I like the series enough I went out and bought my own copy.)

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