Toon Books Launches Kids’ Blog

Benny & Penny from Toon Books

Toon Books, publisher of wonderful graphic novels for kids (although they think they’re too short to be graphic novels), has just launched a special blog for emerging readers (no longer available) featuring the adorable mice Benny and Penny, created by Geoffrey Hayes. The characters can also be found in the books Just Pretend and The Big No-No!.

Benny & Penny from Toon Books

The blog will feature a new comic strip every Monday and a “you write the cartoon” blank every Wednesday. The author has promised to actively participate as well, responding to comments.

(For my opinion on the comics vs. graphic novel debate, I think the Toon publications are graphic novels because they’re stand-alone stories in substantial bindings intended to be stocked long-term, instead of more disposable temporary issues. The generally accepted term for such books are “graphic novels”, because comics, rightly or wrongly, have other connotations.)

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