Life With Archie Gains Placement in Toys R Us

The new Life With Archie magazine, following alternate-universe stories with Archie married to either Betty or Veronica, will be carried in the almost-600 US Toys R Us stores, along with some other Archie Comics, beginning in August. Per the press release:

Until recently, Toys Я Us carried a limited selection of magazines and comics. Now, through the combined marketing efforts of Kable News and Select Media Services, Archie Comic Publications, Inc. will have a huge presence in ALL 585 US Toys Я Us stores!

Life With Archie #1

“The partnership with Toys Я Us is a perfect fit. We both focus on providing high quality entertainment to children of all ages,” remarked Archie Comics Publisher, Jon Goldwater. “There is no better combination anywhere than America’s Favorite Teenager and the World’s Greatest Toy Store!”

The ARCHIE comic book and both Sonic titles, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC UNIVERSE, will be in a special rack to be located in the Collectors section of every Toys Я Us store. The brand new magazine LIFE WITH ARCHIE will be featured at the checkout, also in all Toys Я Us stores.

Note that they’re only carrying selected titles, and they’re separating the comic-format comics and the magazine. Also, compared to the original Life With Archie cover, the revised one, shown here, has gained some teen star photos and speculation on who could play the characters. Maybe that’s a hint about the “extra star-studded bonus features” promised. Or a cheap way to catch kids’ eyes.

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