Scott Pilgrim Rocks!

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour cover

I am spending the weekend re-reading the Scott Pilgrim books:

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour cover

Links go to my reviews, which looked at now, are shallower than I would like, because it took me years and multiple re-reads to truly appreciate what Bryan Lee O’Malley was doing with the series and characters. He’s created the defining comic series of the late 2000s with a unique visual language and a complex use of narrative devices that powerfully involve and entertain the reader. It’s astounding to read the books one after another and see how much he developed over the years.

Anyway, that was a lead-in to wallowing in the concluding volume, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour. I have also been sampling the various videos available, including this new featurette:

Which sums up the movie’s approach brilliantly in a quote by director Edgar Wright: In musicals, people burst into song to express emotion. Here, they break out in fights. I applaud Universal for making all of the promo trailers and ads available in a dedicated YouTube channel. It’s easy for customers to sample the film and see how cool and faithful it’s going to be. (Out August 13!) I have no idea how they’re going to get everything from the books in there, but most of what I’ve thought of has been shown in some fashion, so I can’t wait to see it. Even more fun is the remix channel, which uses clips to create weird little spoken-word raps.


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