All-Star Superman Next DC Animated Movie

All-Star Superman still

All-Star Superman, due in Spring 2011 and based on the comic by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, will be the 10th DC Universe original animated film.

There’s a lot of good reasons to look forward to All-Star Superman. It’s got wonderful source material, and it’s being adapted by writer Dwayne McDuffie. In the original story, Superman came to terms with his own mortality, and yet, while dying, set out to save the Earth once again.

All-Star Superman still

Based on this piece of promo art, it looks like they’re going for a classic look, which I appreciate. The casting — James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as Superman, Anthony LaPaglia (Empire Records, Without a Trace) as Lex Luthor, and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men, Firefly) as Lois Lane — is impressive. Respected animation producer Bruce Timm says it’s “a very, very faithful adaptation … in terms of the story and the dialogue and even the visual style” and calls it his “favorite of all the DC movies we’ve done so far.” See for yourself with this trailer:

Oh, in case you’re curious as to the previous nine, here they are in reverse chronological order:


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