Americathon Due Out November 2


One of my favorite bad movies of all time, Americathon, is coming to DVD courtesy the Warner Archive on November 2. This news thrills me, because I can’t wait to own a copy.

Made in 1979, it’s a time capsule of the era. John Ritter is the young (and dumb) President of an America with no oil (so everyone jogs and lives in their parked cars) that’s going bankrupt. National Indian Knitting Enterprises (hee hee) calls the debts due, so what to do? Hold a telethon! Hosted by Harvey Korman and featuring Meat Loaf as a daredevil who attacks a car with a sledgehammer. Also starring Elvis Costello, Fred Willard, and Howard Hesseman, although I don’t remember their roles.


It’s not subtle satire, but I found it funny, and a poignant reminder of the 70s. The theme song is “It’s a Beautiful Day”, by the Beach Boys, and I still enjoy hearing it. This reminds me how much I miss lazy summer days and an HBO that ran more movies (from all studios and eras) than boxing events.

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