The Story of Lee Exclusive Preview

The Story of Lee

The Story of Lee is a new manga written by Sean Michael Wilson (editor, AX: Alternative Manga), drawn by Chie Kutsuwada, and published by NBM.

It’s described as “the story of two people who find love despite the overwhelming differences of their cultures and families. A cross cultural relationship that is forced to confront a number of obstacles including family pressures, xenophobia, and the clash of East and West.” The creators know whereof they speak, since Wilson is a Scot who’s been living in Japan for years, while the Japanese Kutsuwada currently resides in London.

The Story of Lee

The following exclusive 12-page preview shows a key scene between Lee, a Chinese young woman living in Hong Kong, and her new friend Matt, followed by her father’s reaction, informed by a jealous rival. (Click images to enlarge.)

The Story of Lee p95The Story of Lee p96The Story of Lee p97The Story of Lee p98The Story of Lee p99The Story of Lee p100The Story of Lee p101The Story of Lee p102The Story of Lee p103The Story of Lee p104The Story of Lee p105The Story of Lee p106

If you’d like to see more, Wilson has posted some at the NBM blog. My thanks to NBM and Stefan Blitz for making this preview possible.

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