Has Viz Canceled Inubaka?

Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs volume 18

I like Viz’s manga series Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs. It’s got some guy-oriented fan service and silly plots, but the adorable dog pictures more than made up for that for me.

Volume 17 came out last November, and I used to have Volume 18, originally planned to be released next month, on my Amazon wishlist. However, I just noticed that its entry has been replaced by this “no longer available” mention:

My Amazon want list

For those who aren’t familiar with Amazon’s system, books with release dates that aren’t in the next month or so say “not yet been released”, as the Hikaru no Go listing shows. Books still planned but without a specific release date show “Currently unavailable”, as Panorama Island does. “No longer available” is rare, and as you see, unless you remember what the item was, there’s no indication of which title has been canceled.

Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs volume 18

The missing Inubaka manga volume?

According to ANN, the series ended in Japan with volume 22. Searching for “Inubaka 18” at Amazon only returns the previous book in the series, as shown here:

Inubaka Amazon search

I hope Inubaka isn’t a victim of the growing trend to avoid long manga series, since many of the volumes are stand-alone. I’ve emailed Viz and asked them to comment on whether the series will return at a later date. I’ll update this post with what I find out. Anyone else out there going to miss this series, too?


  • lovelyduckie

    I can handle delays but not a cancellation. I have all sorts of theories how certain relations will develop and I want to see what actually happens. Cancelling a series at volume 17 when 5 volumes are left is cruel. I understand that sometimes certain decisions need to be made in order to keep a business running. But when you have fans that have spent around $170 on a series (and there are so few volumes left) they should go out of their way to finish at that point (Omnibus perhaps?). After all, they’ll lose a certain level of trust from those they abandoned with so little to go. I do admit though…if there were say 10+ volumes left, I could see how a company would then have to cut their losses and move on despite fan disappointment.

  • The question of how many volumes to bring out to reward loyal customers is a good one. I would suggest that, if a series is not making a profit, five might be too many. If there was only one left, I’d suggest the publisher release it to build goodwill and not risk damaging future releases. Two, maybe. But three or more? That gets into money.

  • Bahamut

    I emailed them about Reborn and the only response I got was something along the lines of “keep checking our website,” even though the reason I emailed them in the first place was because checking the site had given me no answers. For all Viz series up in the air (Strawberry 100% is another one), I hope it’s delays rather than cancellations. I wish they would be more upfront about it, but I understand their reasons to not be. I wouldn’t even mind if these series were released In omnibus format. It’s frustrating having spent over a hundred dollars on 16 volumes of a series and being at the start of a new storyline only to have the series completely disappear. How do they expect me to not turn to the scanlations then after getting so far into the series? I’ll give it a few more months to see if a solicitation appears before turning to the scans, which I rather not have to resort to. Even more frustrating is that Reborn was a potential hit and Viz did next to nothing to market it (it didn’t even get a preview chapter in Jump).

  • They may be in the middle of figuring out new plans (perhaps a spring volume is moving to much later in the year?) or similarly have no definite information to provide. As you say, it’s understandable, although very frustrating when a long-running favorite has the end in sight and then stumbles.

  • lovelyduckie

    Perhaps the last 5 could be released in an omnibus volume? Although I don’t know what the production cost differences are between 1 Omnibus and 2-5 regular volumes of manga. I was really grateful when Mushishi finished up in an Omnibus.

  • Anna Frohling

    This is too bad as I was just starting to catch up with Inubaka. It is a great series, possibly the only manga I’ve read with realistic animals (looks and behavior wise.) Although parts of it can be goofy, I would be truly sad not to get the entire series.

  • Rebekah

    This would be a severe disappoint if it got the axe. Seems like so much revolves around profit these days instead of quality. This is the only place I’ve been able to find out any info on the series. It was also removed from my B&N wishlist and has since disappeared from the site.

    Keeping fingers crossed!

  • Gill

    I’m still bummed that Ichigo 100% is probably cancelled, Viz had 5 more volumes to print and the series would be done, why stop it at 14?

  • Five books is a lot, though. That would be 15-30 more months’ worth, depending on publication schedule, and if they’re not selling enough volumes to make the desired profit now, sales will only decline from there.

  • Marissa

    I honestly can handle a hiatus, but certainty not a cancellation. I would be so heart broken. I’ve spent over 170 bucks on this series, and have been reading it from the gecko. I am a very big fan of it. Instead of making us wonder viz media should let us know what is going on with the series. I would also like to know what is going on with Reborn!

  • YumiKi

    I come from a very book-oriented family, we read constantly, and I want to cry at this point. Inubaka was one of the reasons I work with animals today (plus I just absolutely LOVE the series)! I know it’s a horrible thing, but I can’t trust VIZ anymore. They’ve broken my heart too many times. Inubaka was the last manga series I ever read and I think it will stay that way. It’s not just VIZ that does this kind of thing, my sister has had the same trouble with other companies. I can’t handle the hurt of loosing amazing tales and books…

  • Drank

    It’s 2023 and I’m still waiting :(

  • I admire your patience. :) I’d forgotten that I enjoyed this series. Thanks for the reminder.

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