The Guild: Tink

The Guild: Tink cover by Ron Chan

The earlier Guild miniseries got me watching the web series, so you’d think I’d be interested in the followup one-shots that explore various characters. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, since I’ve found the two so far to be slightly disappointing. They don’t tell me much new about the characters, and since the characters tend to be unpleasant verging-on-stereotypes anyway (especially without the mitigating charm of the actors’ performances), I regret spending more time with them in print.

Even though The Guild: Tink is focused on one group member, there’s plenty of time spent with the group, which was the saving grace for me, since I like them all best together. As the most ferociously private of the gang, Tink has a lot of questions in her background — none of which are answered here. Instead, we see the different lies she tells when pressed, just to shut people up.

The Guild: Tink cover by Ron Chan

Cover by Ron Chan

That explains the long list of various artists. In amongst the main story, illustrated by Kristian Donaldson & Evan Bryce, the determined loner Tink gives us stories inspired by Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights (art by Jeremy Bastian); a war movie (Wellinton Alves & Jason Gorder); video games (Tim Seeley); and a manga pinup (one page by Adam Warren). It’s a cute idea, well-suited visually for a comic, but not really strong enough to support an entire issue, I thought.

The Guild: Tink variant cover by Peter Bagge

Variant cover by Peter Bagge

Next in the Guild series is Bladezz, due in June. Since he’s perhaps my least favorite character of the group, I think I’ll skip that one. (The publisher provided an online review copy.)

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