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Two people I like talk to each other: Tim O’Shea interviews Alex Segura about his role as Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing for Archie Comics. They also cover Alex’s creative work, including a story he’s writing for an upcoming issue of Archie & Friends, about the first-ever Riverdale Comic Con. (Write what you know…)

Lois Lane, 11-year-old reporter, by Dean Trippe

Lois Lane, 11-year-old reporter, by Dean Trippe

Lois Lane: Girl Reporter: Dean Trippe shares his pitch for a terrific-sounding kids’ book project that wasn’t picked up. It’s always the best-sounding works that don’t match the owners’ vision for the characters.

This quote made me sad, in an article about the NY Times changing their style guide:

One broad category of changes was the deletion of some aging or outdated technical terms: CD-ROM, floppy disk, Dictaphone, Usenet, newsgroups, VHS, CAD-CAM and I.S.D.N.

Poor Usenet and VHS. But in spite of the recent AP style change to email (announced on Twitter!), the Times is sticking with the unnecessary and old-fashioned hyphen when they use the term. They are now allowed to say “an e-mail” instead of “an e-mail message”, though.


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