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As promised, today Tokyopop has shut down their website. If you try or any more specific links to that site, you’ll get directed instead to their Facebook page. We knew that they’d been doing more promotion of that venue, with exclusive contests and the like, but it never occurred to me that they’d use it as their only public venue online.

The comments currently appearing on that page are somewhat sad — fans who hadn’t heard the news about the company, or those wondering if they’ll ever see more of their favorite titles, or those who missed the notice about the website, such as this one: “cant you guys put it back up so i can get my pics and fiction off of ther cause i dont have it saved”.

Tokyopop Facebook comments

Someone is still publishing under the Tokyopop name, with this comment posted 18 hours ago (at the time of writing): “Since it’s Manga Monday again, we’re wondering what you will be reading today? ^^ Our Dutch intern is reading Cowboy Bebob! FINALLY!” It appears that there’s still some intent to maintain a social media presence, between Facebook and the still-active Twitter account — at least until the intern has to go home.

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