Dark Horse Retailer Digital Exclusives Debut — Can You Get One?

Dark Horse Digital

Dark Horse’s Digital Retailer Exclusive Program, a plan to use comic shops to distribute codes for free online comics, launches today with the release of B.P.R.D.: Casualties. (Who’s got the pool on how soon it shows up on sharing networks?)

That launch link has the list of participating retailers. From my perspective, I can think of six local stores in Richmond, Virginia — and none are listed. (I’m not surprised. When I first wrote about this plan, I sent email to a couple of them asking about their participation and heard nothing back, indicating a lack of interest.) I count 229 stores in the U.S., with six more unidentified and 55 international. If anyone visits these stores, I’d be curious to know how easy it is to get one of the online giveaways — does the store promote it, or do you have to ask for it? Do they require a purchase, or just hand out the code?

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