Chester 5000 XYV

Chester 5000 XYV cover

This is the kind of book that makes me ecstatic to read comics. Just the fact that it — a wordless porn comic about a Victorian woman and her robot lover — exists is a wonder. That Chester 5000 XYV turns out to be quite accomplished in its art is even more pleasant. (Note: this is an adults-only book with explicit illustrations.)

Although story isn’t the point, the premise is simple enough: a scientist’s wife is indefatigable in bed. Since he can’t keep up with her, he builds the robot Chester. Chester satisfies her so well that she falls in love with him, which makes the inventor jealous, leading to the conflict (such as it is — although it is touching that Chester loves her back). The point, though, is just to put couples (and sometimes more) together in different combinations, showing them enjoying themselves a great deal, with the additional steampunk flourish of an old-fashioned sex machine.

Without words, the reader is left to draw her own conclusions. I didn’t blame the woman for being shy with a machine at first, but I quickly empathized with her after her husband rejects her, distracted by work. In comparison, Chester’s creativity — coming up with enhancements for her enjoyment, with accompanying faux technical drawings — makes him even more perfect.

Chester 5000 XYV cover

One effect I found particularly evocative is the way artist Jess Fink exaggerates body parts to indicate feeling. That’s one way to keep the many images of a couple having sex interesting — she varies perspective into almost a wide-angle lens focus on breasts or butt. Her linework is graceful and organic, which humanizes Chester. The characters at times seem unfettered by gravity in their pleasure, and they certainly seem to be having fun, always a plus when it comes to erotica. It’s arousing, both intellectually — look at that beautiful illustration! — and physically.

If you’d like to see samples or read further, the webcomic (NSFW) is online (the book covers up through CS137), or you can find out more at the publisher’s website. This interview with Fink reveals more about her process and intent, while this insightful review praises the art in more detail.

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