Renaissance, New Series by Van Lente and Oleksyk, Looks Amazing

Renaissance panel

Fred Van Lente (writer of Comic Book Comics, Action Philosophers, and the comic that a little movie called Cowboys & Aliens is based on) and Sarah Oleksyk (Ivy) are teaming up for a new comic, Renaissance.

Renaissance panel

That link is not work-safe, since it features a naked, foul-mouthed Pope, his mistress, and his daughter (!) advising him. But gracious, it’s lovely. With Van Lente’s love of history (and penchant for good research) and Oleksyk’s elegant figures, this looks to be a must-read. They’ve been working on it, according to Van Lente, for over a year, and it “will be a while” before it comes out, since they want to “get a few more issues in the can before soliciting the first”. The premise is described as a “graphic novel about the painting of the Mona Lisa (plus betrayal, war, sex, torture, intrigue and more)”. Characters will include Machiavelli, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo.

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