1990 Captain America DVD Delayed, Cover Updated

Captain America DVD cover

The 1990 Captain America movie DVD, previously announced for release on July 19 via the MGM Limited Edition made-on-demand imprint, has been rescheduled for August 23. It will also have a new cover design, shown here, that adds the banner “re-released 1992 edition”. (Note that the movie was made in 1990, released internationally, and finally dumped straight to video in the U.S. in 1992, which is where that date comes from.)

I wonder if some big company that might be concerned about customer confusion over Captain America had something to say about the original cover?

Syfy recently aired three Captain America films, this one and two from 1979, and compared to modern expectations for superhero movies, they’re slow and nearly unwatchable. I didn’t check out this 1990s version, though, having burned out on the 1979.

Captain America DVD cover


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