Exclusive Preview of Princeless, Due in October — Recommended!

Princeless cover

Princeless is a new four-issue miniseries that I’m quite taken with. The first issue is available for order now from Action Lab Entertainment, Diamond code AUG11 0748, $3.99 US. Written by Jeremy Whitley and drawn and colored by M. Goodwin, it will be available in stores in October.

As you can read in this four-page preview of the book’s opening pages, it’s a funny revamp take on the traditional fairytale story. Princess Adrienne is full of energy and will, so when her parents lock her in a tower, she’s determined to rescue herself. (Click for bigger versions.)

Princeless coverPrinceless inside coverPrinceless page 1Princeless page 2Princeless page 3Princeless page 4

Future issues will show Adrienne rescuing her older sisters, who’ve been treated the same way. Here are the covers for issues 2, 3, and 4.

Princeless #2 coverPrinceless #3 coverPrinceless #4 cover

I loved the attitudes and humor of the book, and the strength of Adrienne’s character. With such works as Castle Waiting out there, I was concerned that it would difficult to come up with another modern take on the idea of the fairy tale princess, but Whitley and Goodwin have done it! Sequential Tart thinks so, too, praising the book for both its social activism and its delightful illustrations.

If this does well, there are plans for a followup miniseries, and I hope, a collected edition, because this is the sort of book that should be in libraries and homes, fondly re-read every so often. If you’d like to check it out, be sure to let your comic retailer know to order it.


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