This Month’s Manga Moveable Feast: Fumi Yoshinaga, My Favorite

The newest Manga Moveable Feast is dedicated to my favorite manga author, Fumi Yoshinaga.

I’ve already reviewed most of her books, including explicit yaoi, tamer boys’ love, school soap opera, restaurant reviews, and the not easily categorizable Antique Bakery. That diversity is one of the things I love most about her work. That, and her beautiful line and distinctively expressive characters.

If you’re looking for a good starting point, I highly recommend the single-volume book of short stories All My Darling Daughters. For me, I’m looking forward to this week as a good excuse to get caught up reading Ooku: The Inner Chambers, Yoshinaga’s gender-swapped alternate Japanese history, so I have something new to contribute.

Update MMF host Kristin has a great post about Yoshinaga’s use of facial expressions with art samples.

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