JManga Responds to Feedback, Drops Prices, Discusses Future Plans

JManga Sale

When JManga launched in August, many early users were impressed with the idea of the site — the ability to access Japanese series that would otherwise remain unavailable in the U.S. — but dismayed by the price points and complicated subscription purchase system.

Now, JManga has responded to the major complaint by temporarily lowering their prices. For the month of October, they’ve announced a sale: books that were previously the equivalent of $8.99 are now $4.99, while $19.98 books are $7.99. That brings the works much more in line with the digital pricing of competitors. Instead of paying a similar price for a digital rental as you would for a print copy, now, it’s closer to half-price.

JManga Sale

You still have to sign up for a recurring subscription before you can read the digital manga, but in a very nice gesture, they’re making the discounts retroactive. They will return half of the points you spent before October 4 (when the sale began) to your account. That’s a good way to build customer goodwill.

At Michelle Smith’s post on the sale, a JManga representative gave more information on their future plans:

with enough interest and support, there is indeed a chance that this might become a permanent thing.

We’ll next be working on getting more content onto the site in the coming weeks — among other issues, as are aware that users would like to have more to purchase, especially among the assortment that is currently “greyed out.”

In terms of downloads — we have announced an iOS app hopefully to be released by year’s end, with plans for Android and Kindle apps to follow, and we are discussing the possibility of allowing downloads for PC as well — but probably not in PDF format due to — yes — piracy issues.

It’s very nice to know that they’re so responsive to feedback, from pricing to the idea that fans are eager to see more and in more formats.

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  • JManga

    Thank you for taking the time to write an article about some of our latest changes since our launch about a month and a half ago. Of course, we realize that we have a long way to go, but its good to see that the community is enjoying the updates and improvements we’ve been making.

    Like any endeavour in this realm, we exist for and because of the interest and goodwill of the fans, so if there are any comments, complaints, suggestions (or even praise), please do contact us at

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