Preview Archie #627, Where Archie Meets KISS

Archie #627 cover

As announced this summer, tomorrow’s Archie #627 is part one of the “Archie Meets KISS” storyline, “Riverdale Rock City”. The publisher has provided the following preview story pages.

Archie Meets KISS page 1Archie Meets KISS page 2Archie Meets KISS page 3Archie Meets KISS page 4Archie Meets KISS page 5

As you can see, we don’t really meet KISS yet, although the situation is set up: Sabrina and the “Riverdale Monster Society” — a new invention that tells us that Archie and his buddies, including super-scientific Dilton, now a) know Sabrina the Teenage Witch, b) know she’s a witch, and c) believe in magic for reals — are going to cast a protection spell to keep monsters out of Riverdale. (Is this a common problem, or has the writer been watching too many Buffy reruns?) Veronica and Reggie are set up as the villains, since their competing spell is going to cause whatever trouble, monsters, and guest stars result.

I’m not sure how much of KISS we’ll see in this issue, since it’s only part one of four telling the story. I am intrigued, though, at the suggestion that Mr. Lodge collects spell books for an unknown reason. Maybe he’s had some previously unexplained help gathering that fortune, hmmm? And check out that dynamite new look for Sabrina on the last page. She’ll have even more fans with the sexy schoolgirl plaid tie and miniskirt. Remember, the issue is on-sale at your local comic shop or favorite digital outlet tomorrow! Look for this standard cover (top) or the gorgeous variant by Francesco Francavilla (bottom):

Archie #627 cover

Archie #627 variant cover by Francesco Francavilla

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