Preview Life With Archie #16, Where Kevin Keller Gets Married

Life With Archie cover

As promised last year, the issue of Life With Archie released tomorrow, #16, features the wedding of Kevin Keller, out soldier and war hero. (And as I hoped, the cover prominently features the event.)

Archie Comics has provided the following set of action-packed preview pages showing some of Kevin’s military career and how he met Clay Walker, his physical therapist and later boyfriend; click for larger versions. Although it wasn’t specified, the first set of pages is from the “Archie Marries Veronica” timeline, while the second is from the “Archie Marries Betty” version. Script is by Paul Kupperberg; art by Fernando Ruiz, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Al Milgrom, and Bob Smith.

Life With Archie coverLife With Archie page 1Life With Archie page 2Life With Archie page 3Life With Archie page 4Life With Archie page 5Life With Archie page 6Life With Archie page 7Life With Archie page 8Life With Archie page 9Life With Archie page 10

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