Scott Pilgrim Re-Released in Color Hardcovers

Scott Pilgrim color edition

The immensely successful and popular Scott Pilgrim series will be coming back to print in a new deluxe edition in August. The new cover of the first volume, shown here, is by creator Bryan Lee O’Malley.

The books will be larger (6″x9″), full-color hardcovers. (Colors are by Nathan Fairbairn.) Although there are plenty of copies of the original black-and-white paperbacks in print since the series launch eight years ago, this is a great way to offer fans an upgrade… and breathe new life and potential new readers into the property. And just to entice previous customers further, they’re promising “previously unpublished extras and bonus materials”.

The plan is to put out two books a year, until all six books are reprinted. Volume 2 is scheduled for October of this year, and Volume 1 is priced at $24.99, or more than double the $11.99 paperback price. Oni Press has released the following preview pages (click to enlarge), first where Scott’s friends meet his high-school girlfriend Knives:

Scott Pilgrim HC page 10Scott Pilgrim HC page 11Scott Pilgrim HC page 12Scott Pilgrim HC page 13

And these where Scott meets Ramona, where we can finally see her hair instead of imagining it:

Scott Pilgrim HC page 50Scott Pilgrim HC page 51Scott Pilgrim HC page 52


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