More Thoughts on the Avengers Movie, Particularly Money

Bryan Hitch Ultimates

The Avengers continues setting box-office records. Last weekend, its second in U.S. release, it brought in over $100 million, which set a second-weekend record and took it to one billion dollars overall. It’s now the 11th biggest moneymaker ever, and it’s still climbing.

But there’s more to life than money. Tom Spurgeon reminds us that the film wouldn’t exist without the contributions of many creators. His recognition of the men behind the movie provides short profiles of the comic artists and writers who came up with these characters and their team combinations.

Bryan Hitch Ultimates

The Bryan Hitch-drawn Ultimates served as inspiration for the movie version of the Avengers

Tom Spurgeon also checked in with two charities benefiting from fan giving in connection with the film. The Hero Initiative has taken in almost $3000, while the Jack Kirby Museum received $1300 last week.

Meanwhile, in KC’s latest Westfield column, he praises the film for getting the blend of humor and action right. KC also looks back at some other superhero movies that weren’t quite so successful, descending instead into silly.

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