Jewel Robbery Coming From Relaunched Forbidden Hollywood Line

Jewel Robbery

“Forbidden Hollywood” is such a fun title, suggesting all kinds of naughtiness in film. Most recently, it was used for a three-volume line of TCM Archives DVD collections with some of the best pre-Code movies out there, including the one that sums it all up for me, Baby Face starring Barbara Stanwyck.

Now comes news (link no longer available) that the Warner Archive is reviving the label, with six DVDs coming out June 26. The high point for me is the release of Jewel Robbery, a 1932 film with William Powell and Kay Francis.

Jewel Robbery

Jewel Robbery is a romantic comedy in which Francis, as the bored wife of a rich man, gets taken hostage by a clever gentleman thief (Powell) during his robbery of a jewelry store. The two form an instant connection, leading to complications when the police try to catch the robber.

Also included in the new Forbidden Hollywood collection are these movies:

Forbidden Hollywood Volume 4

Update: The new Forbidden Hollywood sets are available from the Warner Archive, and they’re structured slightly differently. There are two volumes, each containing four films.

Forbidden Hollywood Volume 4 contains

  • Jewel Robbery
  • Lawyer Man
  • Man Wanted
  • They Call It Sin (1932), another Loretta Young film, where a small-town church organist follows a traveling salesman back to New York only to have to survive the big city on her own

Forbidden Hollywood Volume 5

Forbidden Hollywood Volume 5 contains

  • Hard to Handle
  • Ladies They Talk About
  • The Mind Reader
  • Miss Pinkerton (1932), in which nurse Joan Blondell investigates a murder for kicks

The two sets retail for $39.95 each.

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