JManga Makes Point Changes in Response to Fan Requests

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JManga, an authorized portal selling access to translated manga, launched in August of last year. They’ve been remarkably open to feedback, and although open less than a year, they’ve recently made some significant requested changes.

On Thursday, their official Twitter account posted two announcements that address issues with user satisfaction. Starting immediately, points will no longer expire (although they have yet to update their FAQ to match).

JManga logo

Also, previously, you got points when you subscribed, and more every month you paid again (that is, while the subscription was active). If you turned off the subscription, then you couldn’t use any remaining points. Since the number of points you bought didn’t usually work out evenly compared to the costs of the books, most users had some left over. Now, those points can be used even if you’re not subscribed. A later Tweet promised the ability to buy points without a continuing subscription “in about a week or two”.

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