The Husbands – Tania del Rio Connection

I just discovered the cute web video series Husbands through the Jane Espenson (she co-writes) / Nathan Fillion connection. He guest-stars on episode three, shown here:

The show is about a flamboyant actor and well-known baseball player who wind up wed by accident — they were celebrating equal marriage rights legalization in Vegas and overdid it — and then decide to stay together to avoid giving the press a story about gays not being able to handle marriage. The first season is 11 episodes, but they’re each under three minutes.

The credits don’t roll until the last episode, and look what I noticed!

Credits from Husbands

I bet that’s the Tania del Rio whose work I enjoyed on the manga Sabrina and other stories for Archie Comics. What a neat little surprise connection!

If you’re interested in the series, season 2 has just started, and there’s a lengthy (nine minutes) behind-the-scenes with the actors and creators. And if you’re a Whedon fan, you may want to check out the cameos in that first episode!

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