Look Straight Ahead Tackles Mental Illness in Online Graphic Novel

Look Straight Ahead banner

Look Straight Ahead does something a bit different for webcomics — it tackles a long-form dramatic story with real-life implications. Elaine Will began the strip six months ago, and she describes her series as follows:

The story concerns a high school student named Jeremy Knowles and follows his journey through a severe mental breakdown…. it focuses on what a mental breakdown actually feels like, as well as other situations going along with the experience — the social stigma, the side-effects of medication, and so on.

Look Straight Ahead banner

The art’s terrific, with plenty of characterization and detail. She’s using the comic medium to explore how Jeremy feels, showing us his emotions through exaggerated effect and visual symbolism.

Look Straight Ahead was also one of the final Xeric Award recipients. This month, you have plenty of time to catch up on the story, since updates will resume on December 3, with two pages a week.

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