Warner Archive Releases Crosby Wonder Woman Pilot, Superboy Season 2

Wonder Woman (1974)

Warner Archive continues its trend of finding the most wonderful and amazing discoveries, movies and TV shows you didn’t know you wanted but once you hear about them sound terrific.

Before the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show took off, they tried a 1974 pilot starring Cathy Lee Crosby. It’s more similar to the white-suit, superspy version of Diana Prince than the star-spangled warrior we’re more familiar with. As it’s described, “with a sleek, seventies espionage superaction refit… Ricardo Montalban plays a laconic lothario who lurks at the top of conspiracy to make off with ultra-secret code books leading Agent Prince to discover an Amazon sister-in-exile (Anitra Ford).” ComicBookMovie.com has posted a short interview with Crosby about the project.

Wonder Woman (1974) from Warner Archive

Also available is Superboy: The Complete Second Season. (The first season of Superboy was commercially released and is available very cheap at Amazon right now.)

Warner Archive Superboy Season 2

Gerard Christopher took over as Superboy in this three-disc set of 26 episodes. Writers included known DC quantities Andy Helfer, Cary Bates, Denny O’Neil, and Mike Carlin, and villains included Lex Luthor, Metallo, Bizarro, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Yellow Peri. (That last one is a pip!)

Warner Archive has even put out this short unboxing video that shows you what you get if you order these. Both are available starting today.


  • Jim Kosmicki

    the main caveat with Warner Archive releases is that you can’t watch them on a computer because of the DRM that they use. They have to be watched in a DVD player/drive that does not have recording capability. Otherwise, the general quality is better than any bootleg version you might be tempted to purchase, unless they’ve remastered it (which is rare, but happens), and then the quality is rather nice.

    as for the Crosby Wonder Woman pilot – I remember watching that – it was a typical ABC Movie of the Week quality show, but exciting because it was a superhero on TV. I can remember thinking that it was a decent show, and hey, the Six Million Dollar Man had gone from Movies of the Week to a regular show!! I can also remember being surprised when the Lynda Carter version showed up relatively soon after, but oh so very different.

    This was back in the days before the Internet and even before wide distribution of fanzines. We were pretty clueless about the workings of the larger media machine until stuff showed up on the TV screen. And this was DC, not Marvel. Stan would have been hyping any possibility of a TV appearance/movie/show for months before it happened. At this particular time, DC often didn’t do any sort of media tie-in until the program was already cancelled!!

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