Trailer Released for Superman: Unbound, Next DC Animated Movie

Superman: Unbound cover

Superman: Unbound, the next original DC animated movie, is due out later this year (and was promoted on the just-out Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2). The trailer is now available, showing Supergirl’s fear of Brainiac based on what he did to her home planet.

Brief thoughts: Matthew Bomer has a nice authority as Superman, and Molly Quinn does a good job as the tortured Supergirl. Superman’s odd neck was distracting to me. Overall, looks like a big fight, with Earth battling an alien invasion from the half-machine Brainiac.

I hadn’t realized that the division producing these, Warner Premiere, has been shut down, yet the movies continue from Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. Animation, and its logo still appears on this film, likely in progress when the announcement came in fall of last year.

Update: The release date has been announced as May 7.


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