Captain America (1992) Comes to Blu-ray

Captain America (1992) cover

The 1990/1992 Captain America movie that came to home video as a made-on-demand DVD in 2011 is now going to be available on Blu-ray courtesy of Shout! Factory. (As best I can piece it together, the movie was made in 1990 but shelved in the US until a 1992 home video release, although it played in some European countries earlier.)

Unlike the DVD release, there is an extra included here, “Looking Back at Captain America With Director Albert Pyun and Actor Matt Salinger”, which promises brand-new interviews. The Blu-ray also provides the movie in high-definition widescreen. List price is $14.97, which makes it cheaper than the DVD, and the disc will be available on May 21.

Captain America (1992) cover

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