Tired of Grim DC? Check Out the Retro Book Batman ’66

Batman '66 promo art

I noticed, while reading the March Previews, that DC now has eight digital-first comic series (books that come to print by collecting stories that were released online for sale first), and half of them are Batman-related. Some are even kid-friendly or a video-game tie-in. Clearly, this is an area where they’re not afraid to experiment. The wider audience available digitally means books aimed at a more diverse market (in taste as well as age). And I’m glad, because it’s a convenient way to escape the “main” DC titles, which I find much too grim and violent for me to enjoy.

Maybe that’s just me being old-fashioned or nostalgic, but if that’s your interest, their newest digital-first title is perfect: they’ve announced Batman ’66, a comic inspired by the classic TV show.

Batman '66 promo art

The stories will be written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Jonathan Case, who drew the likeness-inspired art shown here. Parker’s got a good ear for lighthearted superheroics, too. According to Case, “DC licensed the rights to all the actors from the 60s TV show (!)”. Robot 6 has more art samples. This interview with Parker suggests he’s going to do a good job walking the line between entertaining and too cheesy, as well as plans to introduce Batman characters into that world that never appeared on the show, such as Killer Croc.

This is just part of a bigger licensing plan, with merchandise based on the show also coming available, including costumes and action figures. Still no word on the DVD release, though — that seems much more complicated.

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