Marvel’s Movie Phase 2 Kicks Off With Iron Man 3

Marvel Movie Blu-ray set

Which makes it, what, six times the fun? Marvel (Disney) has released a short (minute-long) trailer for Phase 2 of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, as producer Kevin Feige highlights what all this means.

It’s all part of the promotion for the big Blu-Ray box set of Marvel superhero movies so far (delayed due to trademark violations around the case). Six movies on ten discs includes “collectible packaging supplemented by prop reproductions and artifacts from the motion pictures!” and a new bonus disc with more promotional material and additional deleted scenes. (Nowadays, you don’t just make a movie — you make enough stuff for fans to watch the movie you didn’t make.)

Marvel Blu-ray set

The bigger question, for me, is what do you do now that you’ve teamed them all up? Will each new movie sequel have fans asking “why doesn’t Tony Stark/ the Hulk/ Thor just call their Avengers buddies to handle (whatever the threat is)?” Or will answering that question be included as part of the script?

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