Interview With Mixtape’s Brad Abraham (Video)

The experiment worked! Last weekend at MoCCA Fest, I interviewed Brad Abraham, author of Mixtape, on video. There are three parts. (And next time, I’ll work on isolating the sound better.)

In the first clip (4 1/2 minutes), Brad and I talk about what the comic is about, his music background, and what brought him to creating the comic.

In the second clip (4 1/2 minutes), we discuss the different distribution strategy Brad’s trying with Mixtape and the importance of making independent titles available for browsing in comic stores.

In the last clip (just over a minute), Brad tells us where to find preview pages and more news about Mixtape.

Huge thanks to Brad for being willing to talk with me on camera, especially since it was my first time taping! Please let me know what you think of this format, and if I should do more.

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