Friends of Lulu Publication History — I’m Seeking More Newsletters

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I’m still unpacking and sorting boxes from last fall’s move, and while organizing the minicomics, I came across my stash of Friends of Lulu materials. As far as I know, these are the official group publications:

  • Three comic anthologies: Storytime (2000?), Broad Appeal (2003), and The Girls’ Guide to Guys’ Stuff (2007) (Neat looking through these and seeing early work by names I adore — Raina Telgemeier, Faith Erin Hicks, MK Reed, Becky Cloonan, and so many more)
  • The 1997 Retailers Handbook, “How to Get Girls (Into Your Store)”, edited by Deni Loubert, with illustrations by Mary Wilshire
  • The February 1997 Diamond “Friends of Lulu Suggests” catalog
  • A smattering of minicomics: “The Women Who Made Comics Great” (1997), “Comics Are for Everyone!” (1995, Joan Hilty), “The Perils of Mr. Comics” (1995, Liz Schiller & Donna Barr), the NY Chapter Omnibus promo (1996)

And the newsletters. Here’s where I hope some reader(s) can help. I have the following:

  • Volume 1, #1-4
  • Volume 2, #1-3
  • Volume 4, #1-3
  • Volume 5, #1-4
  • Volume 6, #1-4
  • Volume 7, #1-3

Was there a Volume 2, #4? How many Volume 3 issues were there? How many more issues ran after V7 #3 (Spring 2002)? More importantly, if you have any issues I’m missing, I’d like to buy them from you, if you’re willing to part with them. (It’s that need to complete, you know.) I’m also interested in acquiring any other archival material you may have — flyers, minis, etc. Please let me know if you can help.


  • chris

    The only newsletter I have that is not on your list is Number 15 (Summer 2005; no Volume listed). I’m not willing to part with it, but I am willing to make a copy. I don’t know how many volumes or issues were printed.

    I have an odd smattering of other FoL publications; I only want to keep the welcome letter (I don’t care about the 2 enclosures):

    – July 1999 welcome letter
    — Summary of Bylaws
    — The Friends of Lulu Speakers Bureau Wants to Know if You Have Something to Say about Comics!
    – 1999 Lulu Awards Ballot
    – Official Ballot for Annual Meeting of Friends of Lulu, August 15, 1999
    – Call for Nominations; 1999-2000 Board of Directors
    – 1999 Lulu Awards (program)
    – Minutes of 1999 Annual Meeting
    – Agenda: 2000 Annual Meeting

  • I have a LOT of this stuff. I was cleaning up recently and I think I didn’t send it to the library of congress. I would like to know your goals for the material before I send it along though. I’d rather have it archived somewhere.

  • You should contact Pam Jackson at San Diego State about their Special Collections. All my art is there.

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