Are You Planning to See Man of Steel?

Man of Steel trailer shot

Here’s one version of a trailer for Man of Steel, the Superman movie that opens June 14 (next weekend).

Are you planning to see it? And if so, when? I just realized that I’ll be traveling for family events (birthdays and wedding) that weekend, so I won’t be part of the opening weekend crowd. Expectations are high for the film, as Warner Bros. needs a superhero hit. Marvel makes it look so easy, and the future of DC Entertainment will be affected by whatever happens, positive or negative.

The trailer makes it look like a relatively standard action movie, one where I already know the plot (origin story + General Zod), so I’m not upset that I can’t see it immediately. Attaching Christopher Nolan’s name tells me that the mood is probably darker (both visually and emotionally) and more depressing than I like in my superhero flicks. Then again, my not liking Nolan’s Batman trilogy didn’t stop it from making billions of dollars.

The effects do seem amazing. I’m struggling, though, with Russell Crowe as Jor-El, because he seems too young for the role! Same for Diane Lane as Ma Kent. What’s with those grey streaks? You can’t tell me Smallville doesn’t have a drug store with some Clairol products!

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