The Garlicks Gets Publisher, No Release Date Yet

The Garlicks panel by Lea Hernandez

Last year, I gave Lea Hernandez guff over her failed Kickstarter for The Garlicks, a terrific concept about a family of vampires, including a teen aspiring graphic novelist.

This year, she’s back with a publisher. Action Lab Entertainment has announced that they will publishing The Garlicks as part of their all-ages line (of which the best-known title is Princeless). There’s no publication date yet, probably because there’s still work to be done, but the publisher will have a preview available at the San Diego Comic-Con as one of their exclusives there. Also, I was assuming this would be a graphic novel, but now, it’s just as likely to be a serialized comic.

The Garlicks panel by Lea Hernandez

Update: Here’s the cover of the SDCC comic. Also, in the comments, Lez has confirmed that they’re planning “four shorter graphic novels of 48 or so pages each.”

The Garlicks SDCC preview


  • Hi Johanna. The Garlicks won’t be a series of singles, but four shorter graphic novels of 48 or so pages each.

  • Thanks, Lea! Sounds vaguely European album-like. I look forward to seeing them.

  • Jim Kosmicki

    There was a second campaign from Indiegogo as well – an email went out at the end of May about the rewards being finalized. As a backer of both campaigns, I’m very glad to see Lea Hernandez’ belief in her concept come to fruition. Based on the previews that have been released so far, The Garlicks would seem to be a nice fit with Princeless.

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