Ghosted #1-2

Ghosted #1

I don’t like horror, and I don’t much like caper comics (since in comics, the capers are often strung out, never actually completing in anything like the fast pace they should), but this combination of the genres (written by Joshua Williamson; art by Goran Sudzuka) is off to a strong start due to the cast.

We meet Jackson Winters in prison, where he’s busted out by a tough blonde wearing black and ammo. (You see her on the cover of Ghosted #2.) Anderson Lake has been sent to collect him for a crazy rich man (there aren’t any other kind in comics, right?) who wants him to steal a ghost from a legendary haunted mansion that’s about to be torn down.

Ghosted #1

Winters assembles a crew of an urban skeptic, a washed-up stage magician, ghost-filming brothers, and a psychic medium. Goran Sudzuka’s figures are edgily attractive, well-suited for a story about existence beyond the fringes (both criminally and metaphysically). They’re also very expressive, in a world full of detailed creepiness. He looks to be using a kind of crayon or charcoal shading that’s a great choice for textured shadows.

Ghosted #1 only introduces the premise and characters, so it’s in the second issue that we start getting to know the cast, several of whom seem to have their own hidden motives. So far, Joshua Williamson demonstrates a great sense of human nature and how to exploit it, which makes his cast, most of whom are con artists of one sense or another, plausible. His pacing is also immensely suspenseful.

Ghosted #2

Just so you know, it appears that the series is taking the approach that ghosts and other supernatural phenomena could be real. If you want a Scooby-Doo-style takedown establishing that it’s all a con, you might not care for the series. But for those of us looking for a twisty, spooky adventure, this looks very promising.

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