Mixtape #4

Mixtape #4 cover

Mixtape #4 will be out in November, for the general public, but attendees of this weekend’s New York Comic Con will be able to get it directly from author Brad Abraham.

It’s the story of Siobhan, another high school student who finds that the right music can change your life. (That’s kind of the theme of the book.) As in previous issues, this chapter works just fine as a starting point — some of the supporting cast have appeared in prior issues, but you don’t need to know anything about them to appreciate them as new friends, as Siobhan finds out.

Mixtape #4 cover

She’s come back from some time abroad, only to realize, as Thomas Wolfe had it, “you can’t go home again.” Her previously golden sister has had a falling out with their parents, and she’s left home for good. Plus, Siobhan’s old friends now seem shallow and wrong.

The art, by Marco Gervasio and Jok, once again does an excellent job showing the details of the adolescent experience, with all its emotional ups and downs. Most importantly, though, the story is about learning to embrace change and uncertainty. That’s something that most obviously happens during this time of growing up, but it’s a lesson we can all benefit being reminded of.

Abraham is also running a contest — you can win signed copies of the four issues so far if you submit a playlist for the greatest mix tape you ever made or received.

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