The Double Life of Miranda Turner

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #1 cover

Jamie S. Rich, accomplished graphic novelist (A Boy & A Girl, You Have Killed Me), has entered the world of webcomics with The Double Life of Miranda Turner, a Monkeybrain series available through comiXology. Art is by George Kambadais, and it’s dynamite. There are two 14-page issues available so far for 99 cents each.

Miranda is the superhero known as the Cat. Only the Cat used to be Lindy, Miranda’s sister, who’s now dead and guiding her in ghostly form.

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #1 cover

The first issue introduces the premise and characters, plus Miranda fights the Blockheads, a concept I adore. They can create Lego-like bricks and use them to build things. And those plastic bits hurt when they hit you! Plus, they wear Devo-like stacked hats.

Kambadais is a terrific storyteller, keeping the action moving dynamically and with flair and expressiveness. I like Miranda’s superhero outfit, too, with the turtlenecked bodysuit and ponytail.

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #2 cover

Issue #2 starts a multi-part story in which we see Miranda’s day job as actress. Crazy things start happening to her co-workers, as they Hulk out or age rapidly. Miranda needs to figure out how and why to stop it.

I’ll keep reading, because I’m curious to find out more about what happened to Lindy and how she and Miranda continue working together. Their dialogue is great, very sisterly and yet without having the same voice.


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