Cliff Chiang Modern Masters Finally Due Out This Month

Modern Masters Volume 29: Cliff Chiang cover

I’ve been anticipating this entry in the TwoMorrows Modern Masters series since it was announced last spring. I don’t know why it was delayed, but I’m anticipating some lovely art examples and the typical lengthy interview. Modern Masters: Cliff Chiang is the 29th book in the series (by numbering — it’s actually 28, because Volume 23, Darwyn Cooke, never came out). Its new release date is January 29, three weeks away, and there’s a preview available at the publisher’s website. (Or according to Amazon, you can get it next week from them.)

Modern Masters Volume 29: Cliff Chiang cover

I’m still waiting for them to dub a woman a Modern Master, by the way. There’s gotta be someone who has enough sketchbook art to put out a book and enough interested fans in the direct market to buy it. Colleen Doran? Jill Thompson? Pia Guerra?

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